Infrastructure and Transport


Spirit of innovation

True to its spirit of innovation, SENER develops innovation projects in the area of Infrastructure and Transport, both in collaboration with other divisions of SENER and with research centers and universities that develop the most advanced technologies in each field.


Civil engineers, architects, industrial engineers, statisticians, geologists, economists, and lawyers make up a multi-disciplinary group that is able to take on a project in its entirety, and not only deliver solutions that meet the client's expectations, but also offer significant improvements on the initial project through innovative proposals.

Some of its most ground-breaking innovations have come about as a result of cross-fertilization between different teams within SENER. Examples of this are some unique structures such as our cryogenic gas tanks, sea port engineering, and aerodynamics and mobile material design projects, which incorporate developments from SENER’s aerospace division.  

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  The President of SENER, Jorge Sendagorta, has been awarded the Honorary Member's medal, which is granted by the Spanish Institute of Engineering (Instituto de Ingeniería de España, IIE). This institution decided to give the distinction to Jorge Sendagorta after he was nominated by the Spanish Association of Naval and Ocean Engineers, in recognition of his professional career. According to the institution: “It's a prize to the engineer, but undoubtedly also to the engineering carried out at SENER, which is spearheading Spanish engineering around the world and in the most innovative sectors."... [+]

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