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SENER mission, vision and values


Hi-tech engineering and construction solutions

SENER carries out engineering and construction services and projects and invests in industry to make a long-term contribution to the improvement and economic progress of society. Our goal is to achieve a sufficient increase in value to satisfy our employees, shareholders and investors and to make investments that further SENER’s development.

To this end, we work to ensure sustained investment in R&D, which translates into innovative projects that provide outstanding solutions.

Throughout its history, SENER has successfully executed acclaimed hi-tech projects in Engineering and Construction (in the Aerospace, Infrastructures and Transport, Power, Oil & Gas, and Marine sectors), in Aeronautics, and in Energy and Environment.



SENER, the way to see the future

SENER’s motivation has always been more than simply executing projects here and now. Our intention is to deepen our knowledge, anticipate change and to progress in our internationalization and solid growth.

Our goal is to provide more efficient and innovative solutions with high technological content, to advance our leading position as a multidisciplinary engineering firm and to execute projects that involve new technological challenges.

To do this, SENER follows a strategy it calls ‘3i: Innovation + Internationalization + Investment’, where innovation is key to finding opportunities with no geographical limitations.

  • 'i1: Innovation'

    We see innovation as a process of continuous technological progress that takes the form of integrated cycles of Research, Development, Demonstration and Deployment (R&D3).

    For SENER, innovation is also the starting point for the Group’s investments, which are all based on initiatives or technological processes generated by the Engineering division. 

  • ‘i2: Internationalization’

    Our ever greater international presence brings with it a profound transformation in the way we operate, which we have adapted to efficiently serve ever more competitive markets.

    By building on its superior products achieved by continuously incorporating new technologies, its commitment to quality, its extensive network of local divisions and alliances with other major engineering and construction groups, SENER is able to provide excellent service all over the world.

  • ‘i3: Investment’

    The R&D3 concept has led SENER to make investments that have materialized into the creation of new industries and products, thereby feeding into a positive cycle of growth and profitability, but also into applying, demonstrating and perfecting our new engineering processes and concepts.


Excellence as a corporate culture

Our commitment to quality, independence and innovation, along with our continued search for excellence, means that we hold one of the leading positions in global engineering.

  • Commitment to quality: Each of our actions must form part of the integrated and high-quality service we provide to clients and to society in general. To this end, we are committed to executing projects and providing products and services that are respectful of the environment and ensure people’s safety.
  • Innovation: We continuously invest 6% of the group’s global revenues in R&D&I, which allows us to develop innovative projects and highly differentiated solutions.
  • Independence: We are a privately held company and have absolute freedom to decide on the evolution of the business and to take on new challenges in line with the policy drawn up by the Management and the Board of Directors. This independence ensures that we fully meet all our commitments, with no external influences.

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