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SENER participates in the West Coast Rail Conference in Los Angeles

SENER participates in the West Coast Rail Conference in Los Angeles

The engineering and technology group SENER, widely known for its Infrastructure and Transport projects, participated in the West Coast Rail Conference, held recently in Los Angeles (USA) between February 28 and March 2. This national Conference brought together the leading firms and organizations active in the rail industry and the development of high speed rail.

SENER participated in the seminar 'High Speed Rail Development in Spain'. Juan Ignacio Lema, of the Los Angeles office of SENER, presented SENER's experience and expertise in HSR, with special emphasis in tunnels. Tunnels is a key worldwide practice arena for SENER with our leadership role on strategic projects on the West Coast.

The West Coast Rail Conference was an opportunity to present to the North American industry and public transportation agencies, an example of SENER’s worldwide best practices and expertise in rail engineering.

SENER is currently the lead designer for the most challenging set of high speed rail tunnels in America. As the consultant selected by the California HSR Authority to conduct the Environmental and Engineering Analysis of the Palmdale to Burbank section which traverses the San Gabriel Mountains.

This segment is the most challenging section in the California HSR system, crossing several active faults (San Gabriel, San Andreas, Sierra Madre, among others) and passing under the Angeles National Forest with some of the most complex tunnels in the world.

Over the last 60 years SENER has built a solid client reputation for engineering and construction management services of Transit Rail Systems and High Speed Rail Projects, delivering 1,000 miles of Light rail projects and over 9,000 miles of High Speed Rail over the world.

SENER is a global engineering and technology firm that employs 6,000 professionals worldwide, and with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento.


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