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Inspection and project of repairs of the Barcelona South dock, in the Port of Barcelona

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Puerto de Barcelona Puerto de Barcelona
Puerto de Barcelona
Puerto de Barcelona
  • Client: Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2008
  • Ending date: 2009
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The scope of this project has been the design of a technical solution for the remodeling of the Barcelona Pier South side (18C) of the Port of Barcelona.

This pier is formed by seven lines of concrete blocks and has a water depth of 9 m. It was constructed in 1905 and had suffered surface damage in its outer side and quay platform, as well as bottom scour that put in danger its stability.

During the elaboration of the project several inspections were performed in submerged and emerged parts, with the purpose of detecting the present pathologies and being able to make a suitable diagnosis of the pier condition.

Once made this diagnosis, a complete study of alternatives to solve detected problems was elaborated. The final solution is based on a repair of the pier facade, block to block and with sheet piles when needed, both in its submerged and emerged part. Also, support structures are conceived for bollards efforts, consisting in small micropiled trestles anchored to the bollard block.

Finally, the project includes a treatment of improvement of the filling with gravel columns and cement injections for the most damaged section of the pier.

Developed services include:

  • Design and coordination of inspection surveys
  • Diagnosis of damaged elements
  • Analysis of Alternatives to solve detected damages
  • Detailed engineering of repairings to be performed

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