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MEXLOOP. Hyperloop One Mexico Corridor

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  • Country: Mexico
  • Start date: 2017
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SENER is part of the MEXLOOP consortium, which has been one of the 10 winners of the HYPERLOOP ONE GLOBAL CHALLENGE competition, in which 2,600 teams from around the world participated. The architecture studio of Fernando Romero (FR.EE) leads the consortium.

SENER is responsible for layout, structures, geology and geotechnics. SENER has also collaborated in the territorial analysis for the location of the stations, due to its extensive experience in the project of linear transport infrastructures in Mexico.

The corridor proposed by the MEXLOOP consortium will connect Mexico City with the cities of Queretaro, Leon and Guadalajara, with a total length of 532 km. The Hyperloop system can reach a maximum speed of 1,200kmph and will make it possible to connect Mexico City with Guadalajara in a time of 38 minutes. 

In successive phases, the corridor will extend to the ports of Manzanillo and Veracruz, to offer the transportation of goods from the Pacific and Gulf coasts to the interior of the country.

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