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Canal de Navarra Canal de Navarra Canal de Navarra
Canal de Navarra
Canal de Navarra
Canal de Navarra
  • Client: BBVA-ICO-IN
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2008
  • Ending date: 2011
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Technical support services for the technical due diligence of the Navarre Canal construction project, which includes construction, commissioning and operation.

Canal de Navarra S.A., a public company owned by the Spanish Government and the Navarre Regional Government, is creating a canal to transport water for the irrigation of 60,000 new hectares and 16,000 hectares to be consolidated, as well as to secure the water supply for approximately 200,000 people throughout Navarre. The total length of the projected canal is 177 kilometres. The Navarre Canal has applied for funding from BBVA, ICO and Caja de Navarra for the construction and commissioning of sections 7B, 8, 9 and 10A (approximately 27.5 kilometres) of the total of 20 sections into which the canal is divided.

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