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Preliminary draft for the expansion and remodeling of the Rubí waste water treatment plant

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Rubí Rubí Rubí
  • Client: Catalan Water Agency (ACA)
  • Country: Spain
  • Start date: 2017
  • Ending date: 2017
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Preliminary draft for the expansion and remodeling of the Rubí waste water treatment plant (EDAR), in Barcelona.

SENER was responsable of the preliminary draft, focused on:

  • Identifying the tributary's analytical parameters, particularly those related to eliminating nitrogen.
  • Determining the real capacity to reduce nutrients from the current plant and analysing the needs to expand or redevelop said plant in accordance with results.

The Rubí waste water treatment plant provides the service of treating the waste water from the towns of Rubí and Sant Cugat del Vallès, as well as the industrial estates of Can Calopa and Sant Mamet.

The effluent of the waste water treatment plant is discharged into the Rubí gully, in the Llobregat river basin. The characteristics of the effluent are determined by the European Union Council Directive 91/217/EEC, of 21 May 1991, on urban waste water treatment for plants with a population equivalent of more than 100,000 in sensitive areas and, therefore, this facility must meet the nutrient reduction objectives established therein.

The plant operation details indicate:

  • A reiterated breach of the Directive in the reduction of nutrients, mainly nitrogen.
  • Saturation of the hydraulic capacity.

To resolve this problematic, the Catalan Water Agency (ACA) put out to tender the Preliminary project subject to these works, wich SENER was awarded.

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