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Temporary GATE’s Unloading Docks - Atlantic and Pacific Locks Complex in Panamá

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Muelles de aproximación canal de Panamá Esclusas del canal de Panamá
Muelles de aproximación canal de Panamá
Esclusas del canal de Panamá
  • Client: GUPC
  • Country: Panama
  • Start date: 2011
  • Ending date: 2012
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The new lock gates to be installed at the expansion of the Panama Canal are to be transported to the site by maritime means, and therefore a new quay is necessary both at the Pacific and the Atlantic sides of the Canal for their unloading.

Developed services include the detailed engineering for the design of those quays, which consist on temporay pilled structures that will be demolished after fulfilled their purpose.

Both quays have a minimum water depth of 12 m and an average width of 63 m, and they consist on a concrete deck supported on reinforced concrete piles (92 piles on Pacific site and 140 piles in the Atlantic site) over rock filling slope which a 1.5 H:1V steepness. This structure is suitable to support typical seismic loads of both sites.

Mooring equipment is composed by units of 100 t bollard placed in both corners of the quay at the berthing line and 4 units of 100 t bollards installed outside the quay, recessed from the berthing line and on a concrete foundation, to allow the correct mooring of the gate unloading vessel or other auxiliary ships.

Engineering Services have been developed in three stages:

  • Design Basis Memorandum, considering the charges corresponding to the canal gates (until 4500 t) and a crane of 600 t and 15 m reach.
  • Intermediate Design: includes geotechnical verification of the quay, structural design of piles, superstructure and transition elements.
  • Final Design: includes measurements, technical specifications for construction and contructive process definition.

Detailed design includes the following elements for each site:

  • Main structure of the dock (pile foundation and slab)
  • Quay wall edge beam and support beam for vessel ramp
  • Appurtenances (bollards, fenders, etc) and their fixation and foundation
  • Analysis of the transition between the dock structure and the road for the transport of the Gates
  • Foundations/Anchorage Blocks for any additional bollard

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