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Oran Metro Project, Algeria

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SENER Infraestructuras y transporte Metro de Orán SENER Infraestructuras y transporte Metro de Orán
SENER Infraestructuras y transporte Metro de Orán
SENER Infraestructuras y transporte Metro de Orán
  • Client: EMA (Entreprise Metro d’Alger)
  • Country: Algeria
  • Start date: 2011
  • Ending date: 2015
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SENER works for Oran Metro project have included, the preliminary study and the transport demand study, the detailed engineering design, the operation and maintenance plans, the preliminary safety case and the drafting of the public tender documents. The length of the line is 17 km and there are 20 stations. The total length of the line is underground. SENER has consolidated its presence in the urban transport network development in main Algerian cities.

SENER has done a detailed analysis of possible corridors to allow the definition of the great axes in order to clear up the most significant flows and cover the high demand areas, the immediate identification of the exchange terminals which must be created, as well as organization into a hierarchy of common transport, which is easy for users to understand.

Stations have been located all over the layout to improve the correspondences with other existing or planned urban transport systems (tramway, bus, railways, etc.), and the proximity to the main buildings and facilities of the city. They are, for example, the regional government, the Olympic stadium or the technology center. SENER has conceived the architecture of the stations taking into account the highest comfort parameters for passengers, urban integration and the efficient use of energy. 3D models have been developed for stations and other project buildings in order to minimize the risk of leaving the interfaces between facilities and civil design unsolved.

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