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SENER is currently a leading company in Architecture, Urban Planning and Landscape. It offers a broad range of services that cover the entire product life cycle, from viability studies to Project Management and Implementation.  

Hospital General de México

SENER’s architecture team is formed by architects specializing in different areas (urban planning, landscape, transport, etc.). The support offered by belonging to a large engineering group with its range of in-house specialties enables us to carry out comprehensive architecture projects from a multidisciplinary approach.

At the technological level, SENER has been implementing the BIM methodology (Building Information Modelling) since 2007, with the aim of offering a consistent and integrated product that spans the entire product life cycle (project, construction, use, and maintenance) and provides a high value to customers. Our accumulated experience places us at the forefront of the sector.

In total, SENER has participated in over 400 international projects, both individually and in collaboration with renowned architects, which are grouped into the following categories:


Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC)

SENER has carried out, in a 50% consortium with IDOM, the design, the project management and the construction supervision, with responsibility for the 100% of the structure and the 50% of the architecture. The BEC has a total surface area of 415,677... [+]

Euskalduna Conference Centre and Concert Hall

The architects Dolores Palacios and Federico Soriano were awarded first prize for this project in the architecture competition held by the Diputación Foral de Bizkaia (Regional Council of Bizkaia). It looks like the last ship to come out of the old ... [+]

Ría de Bilbao maritime museum

The construction of the Maritime Museum was focused on preserving its historical legacy and cultural transmission. The proposal covered the functional organisation of spaces, the architecture and fittings, in this sense seeking integration with the e... [+]

San Roque Equipment Center

San Roque equipment center of Portugalete. The aim of this project is to organize a single project integrating a youth center (1.000m²), a community center for the elderly (1.500m²), a car park (20.000m²), and a large outdoor square, in a plot wi... [+]

Detailed Engineering Facility INAH Regional Museum

Design, calculation and specification of the detailed engineering of electrical installations, electro-mechanical, HVAC, PCI, hydraulic, sanitary and building CCTV for Regional Museum of National Institute of Anthropology and History and the Puebla I... [+]


Burgos Railway Station

RENFE awarded SENER with the realisation of a new Railway Station, within the construction Project for the North-Northeast High Speed Corridor. The new station includes all existing lines and the new high speed railway line. It was also foreseen to ... [+]


Muelle Prat Container Terminal, Barcelona

This project is part of the commission received by Sener from TERCAT Company (Terminal Catalunya SA), to carry out the work of “Developing and Technical Assistance Project /Construction Management in Buildings of the New Container Terminal in Muell... [+]


SENER Offices in Cerdanyola, Barcelona

The new building for the headquarters of SENER-NTE in Catalunya was planned and built in 2013. The building is placed within the technological business center of Parc de l’Alba, in Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona. The building houses the technica... [+]


General Hospital México, O.D. Buildings 310 & 501

Supervision of the project and adjustments thereto; Assistance during the bidding process for the work; and Supervision of the construction work for Units 310 and 501 of the Hospital General de México O.D. Scope: Supervision Coordination Bluepr... [+]

Lodgements for People with psychic disabilities, in Barakaldo

The purpose of the Project is the construction of a Residence for people with psychic disabilities in Barakaldo. The tender documentation describes the need of approx. 60 places available for the Residence. It has to be highlight as main parts: A re... [+]


Krackow Stadium, EURO 2012 (Poland)

In preparation for the 2012 European Cup soccer tournament (known as “Euro 2012”), the City Council of Krakow announced a design competition for the refurbishment and expansion of the Krakow soccer stadium. In May 2008, the project, which include... [+]

Urbanism and Landscape

Argel Bayside

General objectives of the action and contribution to sustainable development.  Bad el Oued  The recovery project of the beach and pools of Bab El Oued and promenade Boulevard Abderrahmane Mira fits in the greater development of the Bay of Algiers... [+]

Lutxana – Burtzeña PERI 05 Enterprise Park in Barakaldo

Large size industry, traditional in Metropolitan Bilbao, is in a strong reconversion due to the specialization and development of new technologies,. This has caused a deep crisis in the sector. These changes have resulted in the appearance of large l... [+]

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