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SENER has a highly reputable team of structural specialists that include the 100% of the firm Estudio de Ingeniería y Proyectos, S.A. (EIPSA), which specializes in structural engineering, especially in the construction of special structures in industrial and urban buildings, storage silos, footbridges and road bridges. 

In this regard, in its almost 30 years of experience EIPSA has earned itself a strong reputation in a number of different techniques: concrete deck viaducts built in stages, balanced cantilever bridges, launching decks, cable-stayed structures, prefabricated solutions, arches, footbridges, aqueducts, steel structures, steel-concrete composite structures, and more.

Nowadays, EIPSA’s professionals are part of the SENER’s Bridges and Viaducts section, integrated by specialists from both firms that execute the design, calculation, preparation of drawings, drafting technical specifications and support for ongoing projects in the following areas of expertise:

Viaducto de Alcontár

  • Bridges and aqueducts:
    • Concrete deck roofing built in stages.
    • Balanced cantilever roofing.
    • Launching deck roofing.
    • Arches.
    • Mixed steel/concrete structures.
    • Cable-stayed structures.
  • The design of special building methods.
  • Other structures:
    • Unique buildings.
    • Silos.
    • Footbridges.
    • Tanks and warehouses.

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  The President of SENER, Jorge Sendagorta, has been awarded the Honorary Member's medal, which is granted by the Spanish Institute of Engineering (Instituto de Ingeniería de España, IIE). This institution decided to give the distinction to Jorge Sendagorta after he was nominated by the Spanish Association of Naval and Ocean Engineers, in recognition of his professional career. According to the institution: “It's a prize to the engineer, but undoubtedly also to the engineering carried out at SENER, which is spearheading Spanish engineering around the world and in the most innovative sectors."... [+]

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